PYT could not produce high-quality shows without many wonderful volunteers. Our volunteers pull props, paint sets, sew costumes and work backstage. Non-participant family volunteers must be fingerprinted and pass a routine background check. For more information about how you can get involved, email: lhatten@pytnet.org.

PYT also has a variety of committees that meet on a regular basis to generate awareness, increase fundraising, and improve the quality of our educational programs including: Marketing Committee, Development Committee, Education Committee and Production Committee. If you are interested in helping in this way please email: ksimpson@pytnet.org.



Putting on a full-scale musical is an enormous undertaking.  There are sets to paint, costumes to sew, lights to hang, and much more.  PYT could not do what we do without the help of our many parent volunteers.   A few things to know:

  • PYT requires 25 hours of volunteer time from each family participating in a CenterStage production (15 hours for the second child and 5 hours per child after that).  Without this contribution of time and energy, it would be prohibitively expensive for us to put these shows on stage
  • Many volunteer positions do require more than the minimum 25 hour commitment, particularly those in the theatre during the run of the show.  These are very important positions that must be filled by committed people, so please understand what is expected of you before signing up for any of these roles.  If you sign up for a position in the theatre, you should plan on working at ±5 performances as well as several nights of Tech rehearsal.
  • For the safety of all our volunteers, performers and staff, volunteers must follow the instructions of PYT and MVCPA staff at all times
  • Load-in and Strike (when we move the show in and out of the theater) are crucial to the success of the show and require a great deal of effort.  ALL families are expected to participate in Load In and Strike.  This is in addition to the expected 25 hours.
  • When volunteers don’t show up as expected, the work still needs to get done.  Either other volunteers will have to fill the void, or more commonly, PYT must hire professional crew at great expense.  This is an especially big concern during Load-in and Strike.

Enjoy yourself!  Whether you have a special talent to contribute or want to learn a new skill, there is a place for you. Parent volunteers are an important part of the PYT community, and volunteering is a great way to feel connected to the process.

Now….which committee is right for you?


Backstage Crew

  • Time commitment: 5 Performances plus 3-4 nights of tech (Approximately 35 hours)
  • Staff Contact: Stage manager
  • The Backstage Crew moves set pieces between scenes under the direction of the Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Managers
  • Must be reasonably fit and able to push, pull, lift, bend, etc.
  • Crew must dress in all black with closed toed shoes for performances


Body Microphones

  • Time commitment: 3-5 performances plus 1-3 nights tech (Approximately 20-30 hours)
  • Staff Contact: Sound designer
  • The Body Microphone Committee is responsible for affixing mics to and removing mics from the actors.
  • Must be available to work during tech week and at least 5 performances including the 90-minute call time.



  • Time Commitment: varies based on needs of show.  Extensive work during rehearsal run plus 1-2 performances and 1-2 nights tech (25+ hours)
  • Staff Contact: Costume designer
  • The Costume Committee assists the Costume Designer with fitting and costume construction during the rehearsal period.
  • Committee members will also work shifts backstage during shows to assist with repairs of costumes.



  • Time Commitment 3-5 performances plus 1-2 nights tech (Approximately 25-30 hours)
  • Staff Contact: Producer
  • The Cueing Committee alerts cast members when they are needed on stage during dress rehearsals and performance.
  • Committee members generally work in pairs, with one following along in cueing script and one “runner” alerting cast members in Green Room of cues.
  • Committee members should become familiar with the script and all characters.



  • Time Commitment 3-5 performances plus 1-2 nights tech (Approximately 25-30 hours)
  • Staff Contact: Producer
  • The Dresser Committee assists with quick changes, provides assistance to cast members who need help with costumes changes
  • Makes sure the dressing rooms are kept neat and organized during show.



  • Time Commitment 5 performances plus 3-4 nights of tech (35+ hours)
  • Staff Contact: Lighting Designer and Stage Manager
  • The Followspot operators run the spotlights that illuminate the actors on stage
  • During shows, Committee members will receive and execute lighting cues called by Stage Manager over headset
  • Must be willing to climb a tall vertical ladder and work on a catwalk in a relatively small space.


Green Room

  • Time Commitment: 3-5 performances plus 1-3 nights of tech (25+ hours)
  • Staff Contact: Producer
  • The Green Room Committee is responsible to supervising the cast members in the Green Room during tech week and performances.
  • Assist with keeping Green Room clean during and after performances


Makeup and Hair

  • Time Commitment: 4-5 performances plus 2-3 nights of tech (25+ hours)
  • Staff Contact: Hair and Makeup Designer
  • The Makeup and Hair Committee applies specialty makeup, executes specialty hair designs and puts on and takes off all wigs.
  • Commitee may also assist cast members with touch up to makeup applied at home


Soundboard Operator

  • Time Commitment: 5 Performances plus 3-4 nights of tech (35+ hours)
  • Staff Contact: Sound Designer
  • Operate Sound Board during performances, following script and running programmed cues
  • Follow flow of show and respond to changes as needed; adjust sound levels as necessary.
  • Test sound equipment and run sound checks prior to each performance; troubleshoot equipment during shows as needed


Cast Bios and Lobby Decorations

  • Time Commitment: Approximately 15 hours
  • Staff Contact: Producer
  • The Cast Bio committee is responsible for collecting, editing and proofing bios submitted by cast member and artistically displaying the photos and bios in a lobby display at the theater.
  • Photos provided by PYT’s photographer
  • Some work will need to be done at home and then the lobby displays are put up during tech week.
  • Committee will also produce for display a photo board showing the shows creative team and staff



  • Time Commitment: Greatly varies show to show. Potentially 3-5 performances, 1-3 tech (25+ hours)
  • Staff Contact: Prop Master
  • Props include set dressing, furniture, table settings, costume accessories, various items actors carry, and various other objects used by the actors on stage.
  • Props Committee buys, builds or borrows to add artistic elements to the show.
  • Committee also supervises flow of props backstage during performances
  • Often, separate teams will be responsible for pre-show procurement of props and backstage prop management



  • Time Commitment: 5-10 hours
  • Staff Contact: Producers
  • The Publicity Committee is responsible for distributing posters in peninsula communities and helping to build the database of acceptable locations
  • Must be willing to use own vehicle for poster distribution activities and be willing to talk with local business owners.
  • This committee will require less than 25 hours of work, so committee members should supplement with another committee.


Scenic Painting

  • Time Commitment: varies depending on needs of show (25+ hours)
  • Staff Contact: Set Designer
  • The Painting Committee is responsible for painting the scenery for the show.
  • Artistic ability is not required.
  • Committee to assist in keeping paint shop clean, proper care of paintbrushes, etc


Set Building

  • Time Commitment: varies depending on needs of show (25+ hours)
  • Staff Contact: Technical Director
  • The Set Building Committee works with the Technical Director to build the sets for the show.
  • Carpentry skills are useful.
  • Close-toes shoes and proper clothing are required.
  • Set Builders generally take lead in deploying set at MVCPA at beginning of Tech Week


Tech Dinners/Cast Party

  • Time Commitment: Approximately 25 Hours
  • Staff Contact: Producer
  • The Tech Dinner/Cast Party Committee is responsible for setting up and serving dinner to the cast member, staff , and volunteers during tech week and for cleaning up after dinner
  • Committee will clean up following dinner
  • Committee members may be required to pick food up from vendors (local restaurants) on some occasions
  • Committee will also plan and run Cast Party at PYT studio:  plan entertainment and food for event and provide set up, supervision, food serving and clean up at event