Scholarship Opportunities

Peninsula Youth Theatre offers scholarships for classes and productions based on need and availability.

Scholarships are considered for families who are experiencing financial difficulties and wish to participate in PYT activities. Because PYT can afford to offer only a limited number of scholarships, each family may apply for two scholarships per child per season – one that may be used for a class and one that may be used for participation in a production. Please note that scholarships only cover the participation fee for productions, and are not available to cover ancillary expenses such as costumes, cast party, etc.

PYT will provide a maximum of one scholarship for each class, Stories on Stage and Pizazz! session, and four scholarships for each MainStage show.

Families must submit the completed scholarship application at least two weeks prior to auditions or the start of the class for which they are requesting a scholarship. As scholarships are provided on a first-come/first-served basis to families that need them, families are encouraged to submit their requests as early as possible. The scholarship application will ask the family to explain why they are requesting a scholarship.

Scholarship families are asked to contribute what they can to help pay for their child’s tuition. In addition, they are encouraged to work additional volunteer hours if at all possible.

Class Scholarships

Waives part or all of the class participation fee.

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Show Scholarships

Waives part or all of the audition/participation fee.

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Scholarships are open to all participants meeting age requirements. The offering of a scholarship, whether partial or full, is based upon need as determined by PYT.